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Alan has been trusted by hundreds of organisations over the last twenty-five years as the sane voice of reason amidst leadership fads and buzzwords. Few organisational consultants and coaches have worked on such a wide range of challenges in so many industries and geographies. Alan brings sensible, practical, inspirational methodologies, grounded in scientific research to organisations who are looking for substance and support in tackling:

  • engrained behaviours and ways of thinking in your business
  • culture change to respond to a changing, challenging market landscape
  • real leadership when it really counts


Picture of Alan Sears, CEO of Vybrant Orgnanisation Ltd

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“If you want to think aloud with me about a change, culture or leadership challenge, you can book a 25-minute call straight into my diary (there’s no cost) and I will help you any way I can.”

– Alan


“Alan has an uncanny knack of listening intently, sharing helpful and thought-provoking examples and then helping you formulate a plan you feel really confident in”