From pizza to tap water: transforming customer service

In today’s social media-fuelled world, great customer service is invaluable – when even the smallest interaction between your team and a customer can just as easily build your organisation’s reputation as it can cause a PR disaster. So how do you make sure all your team are comfortable giving customers their very best care and attention?
At Vybrant, we believe that everyone is capable of delivering brilliant customer service. That’s why we’ve built a different kind of talent and learning consultancy, one that combines the latest, research-based thinking with a creativity and a passion for bringing the best out of the people we work with.
A track record of delivering great service
We’ve been helping our clients deliver great customer service for years. From working out just what PizzaExpress’s top team members can do differently when they serve your pizza, to helping Anglian Water deliver consistent, coherent service across more than 20 different customer facing roles.
It starts with creating collaboration – no-one works in isolation, after all – but combine that with giving your team the capacity to know how to help customers best. Not to mention the clout to be able to do what’s needed. Then they need to know how to connect, really connect with other people.
Collaboration, capacity, clout and connection. Delivered through exciting and interactive workshops. Workshops built on sound psychological principles designed from the get-go to create buy-in to the ideas and enthusiasm for the results.