Operational transformation to keep ahead of the game in healthcare

The European business of a global healthcare company needed to transform its operations. The loss of previously successful products, patent expiries, and different government health care restraints & pricing policies all contributed to a situation in which the business needed to transform its European operations and develop a market position based on new technology, new products and new therapy areas.


Identifying strengths and threats… as the same thing

One of the organisation’s key strengths was a work force the majority of whom were mature, dedicated and technically knowledgeable. Long service was a prominent feature. It was considered however that, given the degree of change abut to happen, this strength might actually constitute a potential threat to the whole transformation process.

Seeing very clearly the difference between what had been ‘business as usual’ and the brave new world to come, the European General Manager asked Vybrant to work with her and her leadership team to build the skills necessary to see the transformation through successfully.


Design and implementation of a leadership development programme

An initial period of consultancy, meeting and interviewing the leadership team and other members of staff led to the design of a development programme for the leadership team containing a number of different elements.

The initial work went deeply into the effects of change on people and organisations, the qualities required of transformational leaders and developing behaviours which positively impact other people. The team also worked through a structured and facilitated process to produce a clear and inspiring vision for the new organisation.

“It’s not often we get the opportunity to go back to someone and say thank you and confirm that we have seen some very evident results of the coaching they have provided, so I couldn’t miss this opportunity.”

The follow sessions used a specific methodology to work through the effects of those inputs and then continued with work on creativity and innovation, motivation and the key factors affecting employee engagement particularly during times of change, and the inspirational leadership behaviours needed to underpin the transformation efforts, by showing the team how to keep themselves and their reports focussed on building a better future.

The programme was then rolled out to the European Business Managers and the inputs backed up by one-to-one coaching, drawing on Vybrant’s experienced team of executive coaches, masterclasses run in conjunction with regularly scheduled team meetings and other ad-hoc inputs as required.


The outcomes

In difficult market conditions, with the business under threat, all members of staff stayed on board and, in the final year of the 3 year transformation, delivered the best ever financial results in terms of profits and returns to the parent company – ahead of both stretching targets and expectations.


“Additional Profit Delivered – £2m over a target of £8m”