Watch: how to lead and engage people through a restructuring process

January 29, 2019

Webinar 1 – How to Lead and Engage People Through a Restructuring Process Enable your people to flourish in a new structure (including during the uncertainty while it’s being defined), giving them tools to handle the new order with resilience. In this webinar, Alan Sears covers: – Specifically how to create the right kind of … Continued

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Co-opetition not Competition

March 21, 2017

At Vybrant we like to make frenemies and indulge in some healthy co-opetition. Why does co-opetition work? Because innovation and value are more commonly generated in networks. Indeed, many gurus think that the collaborative dynamic of networks, partnerships, and joint ventures is a main organising principle of the modern global economy. Now the major TV … Continued

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