Leadership Development – the Vybrant Way

One size certainly does not fit all. In fact our view is that although there are certain well recorded best practices in leadership development, programmes need to be very carefully tailored to the culture and aspirations of the organisation, and to the individuals concerned.

A client with a big challenge to develop leadership skills widely and rapidly across a newly formed division provided us with the opportunity to show just how to do that. Whilst generating awareness of all the different strands of leadership, the programme was centred firmly on the ‘people’ strand, sitting squarely within the client’s existing developmental model. The design focused on behavioural development, using a pre-workshop diagnostic instrument to set up a number of related exercises and activities. This meant that a very interactive style of delivery was backed by a high degree of intellectual content, maintaining the engagement of the group throughout the programme.

The result: leaders developed, financial targets smashed. Feedback for the launch and follow up events was overwhelmingly positive. The programme was revised at the end of Year 1 and continued for a second year. The consultant team was asked to present some of the findings and results to Head Office staff in New York. The division hit its main start-up and growth targets and has gone from strength to strength.