Lead and engage through restructuring

Enable your people to flourish in a new structure giving them tools to handle the new order with resilience – including during the uncertain time while the new structure is still being defined.


We are regularly asked to help organisations going through a restructure or a change to their business model to engage and take their people with them. During organisational restructuring people can quickly start to feel disconnected from the purpose and leadership of the business – often sooner than the leadership team realise. This is especially true when major shifts that affect them are being made behind the scenes with little visibility of timescales or likely outcomes.


Work with us to:

  • Communicate early, clearly and empathetically right through the uncertainty
  • Create the right kind of space for people to process what’s happening
  • Keep people connected the vision and the purpose of the organisation and their place within it
  • Harness the energy that a state of confusion kicks up to make a leap forward rather than slide backwards.

“When we worked together last year it made a tremendous difference to the outcomes of our workshops on our restructure.”

Using validated models and techniques, Vybrant delivers:

  • Consultancy and coaching for senior leaders, lightly guiding them through their role in building the whole organisation’s confidence in the new future
  • Workshops and events to help people understand, process and connect themselves to the future state and develop a growth mindset
  • An ambassador programme where people throughout the organisation help embed the changes the business is making.


Picture of Alan Sears, CEO of Vybrant Orgnanisation Ltd
Alan Sears, Head Honcho at Vybrant


The scope of our involvement can range from a set of workshops to major integrated engagement and change programmes. Use our skills as much or little as you need. We’re here to support you.


Start a conversation:

If you want to think aloud with Alan about a change, culture or leadership challenge, you can book a 25-minute call straight into his diary (there’s no cost) and he will help you any way he can.





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