Reskill people for change

Reskill your people to respond to a changing external market. Enable them to take on a growth mindset and develop skills they never planned on acquiring.


As external markets change leaving many organisations with a shortage of the new skills they need. How do you get people excited about developing new skills they never signed up to learn? People with a ‘growth mindset’ believe they can grow and learn and that doing so is a worthwhile investment, unlike people who believe their skills are essentially fixed traits. We help shift people from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, opening up your whole workforce to transitioning into the new world.


Work with us to:

  • Help people come to terms with the devaluation of skills they have invested their whole career in and that have made them successful so far.
  • Create the conditions in which people want to develop new and unfamiliar skills
  • Develop meaning and attachment (the good kind) around the new work you need people to become skilled at

“The programme’s performed better than I thought, and I already had high expectations! It’s actually moved the organisation and ourselves as a leadership team forward a lot – and I know that will continue to develop.”

Using validated models and techniques, Vybrant delivers:

  • Workshops and events to prepare the ground for the technical skills they will need to acquire
  • Consultancy and coaching for senior leaders, lightly guiding them through their role in creating an environment in which people feel they can succeed and grow


Picture of Alan Sears, CEO of Vybrant Orgnanisation Ltd
Alan Sears, Head Honcho at Vybrant.


The scope of our involvement can range from a set of workshops to major integrated engagement and change programmes. Use our skills as much or little as you need. We’re here to support you.


Start a conversation:

If you want to think aloud with Alan about a change, culture or leadership challenge, you can book a 25-minute call straight into his diary (there’s no cost) and he will help you any way he can.





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