Start, deliver or rescue a customer-centricity programme

If your organisation needs to become more customer-centric (and fast), we can help you start, deliver or even rescue a project designed to reorient the organisation around the customer.


For many reasons, organisations ask us to help them to re-organise the way they think and work around the customer. Sometimes they have come from a public sector heritage and other times, their customer’s expectations are changing and the organisation needs to catch up. Though it sounds straightforward, there are a number of classic roadblocks that we help organisations to overcome, often against a deadline.


Work with us to:

  • Design a project that will open everyone’s eyes to how the world or the customer has changed and give them the knowledge and confidence to think and act differently.
  • Devolve control (safely) so that your people can directly and immediately meet customer’s needs
  • Shift stuck mindsets that see customers as a ‘problem’

“Alan Sears’ style is able to transgress across cynical seasoned industry veterans to aspiring and ambitious middle managers, permitting respect for industry knowledge, whilst ensuring the adoption of innovation for success in a changing and dynamic arena.”

Using validated models and techniques, Vybrant delivers:

  • Design or redesign of customer-centricity programmes that enable everyone to take a big step forward.
  • Workshops and events that develop the specific skills and mindset people need to implement a new strategy
  • Consultancy and coaching for senior leaders, lightly guiding them through their role in orienting the the organisation around the customer and breaking down internal barriers.


Picture of Alan Sears, CEO of Vybrant Orgnanisation Ltd
Alan Sears, Head Honcho at Vybrant.


The scope of our involvement can range from a set of workshops to major integrated engagement and change programmes. Use our skills as much or little as you need. We’re here to support you.


Start a conversation:

If you want to think aloud with Alan about a change, culture or leadership challenge, you can book a 25-minute call straight into his diary (there’s no cost) and he will help you any way he can.





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