Performance Pay and Rewards – the Vybrant Way

Communication is the key. Whatever the relationship between pay and performance in a given organisation, if it is clearly understood when people make the decision to join, and incentive schemes are seen to reward on a fair and transparent basis, then things generally work well for all concerned. As well as ensuring that schemes are equable, clear and properly communicated right throughout the business, training managers and leaders is vital.

One major professional firm approached us to completely revise their Performance Management Process in order to be able to link reward properly to performance against role requirements, objectives and behaviours. Working hand in hand with the client’s internal project team we produced a complete set of Performance Guides covering every level and area of the organisation. The printed guides, complete with all the process documentation, then formed the training materials for roll-out workshops delivered to every one with responsibility for assessing performance across Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Within two years from the adoption of a behavioural framework, the organisation was able to link pay to performance in a clearly understood and motivational way. The design, publication and communication of the new process, together with the training programme that supported it were fundamental to this success.