Problems we solve

Team development

You may not be using cloud-based technology to form virtual global teams but building the ability in people to rapidly reorganise into highly effective teams, whether because of re-structuring or for short term projects is becoming an increasingly powerful indicator of organisational performance.

The same methods we use to get Top Teams functioning more effectively and driving their own performance as well as that of their people can be spread throughout an organisation to create powerful competitive advantage.

Developing key Talent

It’s about mental agility, personal approach, and relating to others, not necessarily about previous experience. But it is also about equipping the right people to move up quickly. Not just developing people skills but systems thinking, commercial acumen, curiosity and resilience.

Developing ‘new-world’ leaders

We think about leadership development as a continuous process combining development programmes, coaching, assessment and benchmarking, recognition and rewards, competency models that truly differentiate high performance, and behaviours that build leaders at all levels.

Building High performing organisations

High performing organisations start with high performing people. The challenge is that on many organisations, a population of people doing a given role can be split into three groups:

  • a small number of people who do it really well, but often are not fully aware of why (they are unconsciously competent);
  • a small number of people who probably should be doing something else;
  • and a large number of people whose performance is average.

The challenge is to get the average performers to do the things the high-performers do every day. The key lies in being able to define in a useful and meaningful way, what it is the high-performers do that differentiates them, and then in creating ways to get the average performers doing those same things.

Changing organisational cultures

From identifying the current “state of the nation” to transitioning to the new vision, culture and values whilst communicating change, we have proven tools and techniques for making lasting cultural change in your organisation. Vybrant research has explored culture change in a range of high profile organisations and we continually examine the literature around both organisational culture and transformational change. We have also been privileged to steer a number of major organisations through significant culture change, constantly adding to our practical experience of what really works.

Coaching individuals

Vybrant’s approach to coaching is solidly based in robust research, backed by years of experience. Our methodology incorporates the thinking of: Over 50 leading authors on coaching and related subjects; Dozens of coaching models; Latest research papers; Other coaching institutes and organisations. Although all our coaches bring a wealth of personal experience to their work with us we insist on a rigorous internal training and accreditation procedure to ensure that standards are consistently high and that our approach is consistent. Coaching is a highly personalised, individual form of development. Our consistency does not lie in treating people as though they are all the same, or in taking a formulaic approach. It lies rather in the sound application of proven principles of: Behavioural change; Positive psychology; A strengths-based approach; Collaborative, non-directive coaching methods; Raising awareness and generating responsibility.

Developing essential skills

Even when it comes to developing some basic management skills our approach is agile, integrated and context-driven – everything has to build the right attitudes and culture, focus on flexibility and equip managers to adapt to new challenges all the time.

Building employee engagement

The concept of engagement, and the proof that it drives productivity, seemed almost revolutionary when it first came along. Sadly now many organisations run an engagement survey, look at the areas which scored lowest and seek out a few ‘sticking plaster’ solutions to ‘fix’ those numbers, and carry on, oblivious to the real deeper-seated causes. Having worked with a number of organisations wanting to do a ‘proper job’ of creating an engaged workforce we know what to look for and which things to change to not just drive the numbers up but drive real performance – and productivity.

Making the best use of Budgets

We can be instrumental in identifying the best way to invest your L&D budget – looking at behavioural economics, neuroscience, organisational networks and influence, analytics, and the power of teams – whilst identifying opportunities for reducing outsourcing costs through skills transfer from our team to yours.