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We coach people at all levels, however we excel at board-level coaching. Coaches have three very important roles at board-level: firstly, to help people who are new to board to get established, as an expert coach can provide the necessary shift in perspective and transition.

Secondly, by their nature, boards are not teams – they are made up of competitive individuals. So often one-on-one coaching to help people change behaviours is important.

Thirdly, in high performance coaching. Usually, the biggest return on your coaching investment is at first line manager level, as long as you are in a good market, with good products and a good strategy. However, the ones who set the strategy are the board – so there is an enormous return on investment in developing board-level individual performance. Coaching senior executives to higher levels of performance will have a major impact on the results of the company.

We believe that:

  • Coaching is about achieving behavioural change and change is a psychological process
  • Coaches do not need to be trained in psychology but do require a good understanding of interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, organisational behaviour, and the world of business
  • Coaches do not have to be psychologists and nor are psychologists usually trained – or necessarily suitable – to become coaches
  • Good coaches do understand the psychological aspects of coaching and master a range of behavioural change coaching techniques and tools that bring about genuine, lasting, measurable results
  • Organisational coaching is not the place for people who do not have passion, respect and understanding for business and organisations, and a first-hand understanding of the demands of the leadership roles from first-line supervision to middle management to the top executive.

All Vybrant coaches are trained and accredited. Some are trained psychologists, some are not, but all are passionate about business and understand the demands of leadership roles. They all have a solid grasp of the relevant psychological-based tools and coaching techniques and bring those to bear, in flexible non-formulaic ways, with their knowledge of business and how to get things done.

Vybrant has a core expertise in behavioural change and all our coaches master a range of behavioural change coaching techniques and tools that bring about genuine, lasting, measurable results. Contact us to find out more or book a call to talk about coaching with Alan Sears.