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Communications and multimedia can really bring your change initiatives to life. For a 10% budget uplift to cover communications, we would typically expect clients to experience a 50% improvement in the success rate of their programmes.

Well-crafted communication before, during and after a programme builds energy and excitement, improves knowledge and understanding and generates emotional buy-in. Here are some of the techniques we employ:

Intranets and microsites – create an online home for an entire project, including e-learning modules and self-service information.
Handbooks and workbooks – provide clear information in print and on the intranet to help people sustain change after workshops and training initiatives.
Communication planning – plan a strong communication campaign which will help achieve your programme objectives.
Project and initiative branding – bring change projects to life and boost their chance of long term success.
Videos and visuals – use visual media to engage, excite and communicate important messages about your change initiatives.
Newsletters and publications – publish online and print information sources that keep people engaged throughout the lifecycle of a project or programme.
Presentations – transform PowerPoint when it most matters, from CEO presentations to development workshops.
Learning and development materials – help people develop skills and behaviour with clear, comprehensive learning materials and innovative formats.

For more information about how Vybrant communication and media can bring your change initiatives to life, contact us.