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Bringing in actors is an extremely powerful Learning and Development tool. A key part of learning the types of “people” skills that we need in business, is being able to practice them in a safe place. But the problem with traditional role-playing is that one person is playing a role that is not theirs. Or if they are playing a role, even if they are not that person’s direct manager, the person is conscious that they are a manager in the company. So there is falseness where one person is pretending to be a manager but is actually a peer. Where the role-player is a real manager, the space is not a safe place to practice. Actors get around both these issues.

Having actors act out good or bad behaviours so other people can see them is very powerful. Good actors bring drama and humour to the experience and make it memorable, and act as a potent agent to practice behavioural changes in a safe environment.

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