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We run a large number of interesting, memorable workshops, covering the whole range of management and soft skills. (Right now we’re delivering 18 different topics for one client alone.) We know how adults learn best, and our workshops reflect this base of solid research.

We have particular expertise in running workshops at board-level and working with senior teams. Click here to see the specific skills and competencies of our delivery people.

Our programmes use the best practice principles of adult learning, taking an action-centred approach incorporating:

Input by presentation, demonstration and module notes
Active work individually and in small and large groups
Opportunities for reflection and planning
Working with real-life issues to generate useful and pragmatic solutions

We use behaviour modelling, coaching, dialogue, peer-assisted learning, skills practice, demonstrations, questionnaires, participative groups, and exercises to make sure our programmes achieve what they set out to do.

“A small flavour of the feedback after your input to our Senior Management Seminar – one of our colleagues commented, “I didn’t think I was going to get anything out of Alan Sears’ session, but actually it was one of the most useful things about the day”.” Stella, Coventry City Council