Watch: how to lead and engage people through a restructuring process

Webinar 1 – How to Lead and Engage People Through a Restructuring Process

Enable your people to flourish in a new structure (including during the uncertainty while it’s being defined), giving them tools to handle the new order with resilience. In this webinar, Alan Sears covers:

– Specifically how to create the right kind of space for people to process what’s happening
– What to do when the future is not certain yet but you still need to communicate something…
– What you need to acknowledge EVERY time you communicate
– What most leaders miss when they communicate the vision for the change


The Change is Vybrant Webinar Series

For organisations responding to a major shift in the world around them, this webinar series provides practical wisdom and immediately usable techniques. From the pain of restructuring to shifting to a truly-customer centric mindset and reskilling your people, we’ll tackle the real challenges that bring so many great organisations unstuck.

The series features Alan Sears, Head Honcho, at Vybrant Organisation. Alan has dedicated his career to developing the skills and capabilities of people stepping up as leaders and managers or facing change, in every corner of the globe. In a world that is shifting faster than many leaders and managers can run, Alan is the voice of reason and sanity.


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