Watch: re-skilling people for change

Webinar 2 – Re-skilling People for Change

Re-skill your people to respond to a changing external market. Enable them to take on a growth mindset and develop skills they never planned on acquiring. In this webinar, Alan Sears covers:

– The problem with skill change that is required rather than requested
– Why carrot and stick is an outdated model and why autonomy, mastery and purpose are what everyone is looking for at work
– The difference between fixed mindset and growth mindset and how to create the conditions for an environment in which people want to develop new and unfamiliar skills
– Creating meaning and attachment (the good kind) around the new work you need people to become skilled at
– Preparing the ground for a reskilling programme
– what most organisations forget to their detriment
– What we can learn from Eric Clapton about upgrading an organisation’s skills

We reference:
– Prochaska’s “Stages of Change” Model
– Ben Fletcher’s “No Diet Diet“
– Dan Pink’s “Drive” – Mastery, Purpose, Autonomy


The Change is Vybrant Webinar Series

For organisations responding to a major shift in the world around them, this webinar series provides practical wisdom and immediately usable techniques. From the pain of restructuring to shifting to a truly-customer centric mindset and reskilling your people, we’ll tackle the real challenges that bring so many great organisations unstuck.

The series features Alan Sears, Head Honcho, at Vybrant Organisation. Alan has dedicated his career to developing the skills and capabilities of people stepping up as leaders and managers or facing change, in every corner of the globe. In a world that is shifting faster than many leaders and managers can run, Alan is the voice of reason and sanity.


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